Residential Cleaning Services

A clean home is a healthy home, and it is easier than you think. At EG Best Cleaning LLC we have created a series of steps to keep the house tidy all the time, and without too much effort. We are home owners ourselves and understand how important is to have the peace of mind to come to a clean home everyday.

We know that the key to success is being consistent, therefore, that is why our cleaners will do a thorough cleaning every time they get called to clean your home or business, by doing so, your property will always be clean and organized.


Here are some of the residential cleaning services we offer:

Standard House Cleaning

Includes general house cleaning tasks, paying extreme attention to the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms. As part of the duties of our house cleaning we will dust, mop, vacuum, declutter, dispose of trash, dust doormats, dust drapes, as well as taking care of polishing, scrubing, and sweeping.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is a bit more labor intensive than the regular or basic house cleaning, we got to pay attention to certain areas you can’t clean on a daily basis, it includes the hand washing of cabinets, vacuuming upholstery, polishing wood, cleaning the oven, ceiling fan blades and more.

Disinfection of Bathrooms

We know that this task is the one we least like to do at home, for obvious reasons. That’s why EG Best Cleaning LLC offers bathroom disinfection services which include but are not limited to disinfecting sinks, disinfecting toilets, and floors, cleaning shower tiles using a grout cleanser, and also cleaning walls.

We highly recommend cleaning your bathroom once a week but if there are any health issues within your household you should request a bathroom cleaning service daily.

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